Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Sneak Peek: The McCory Chronicles ~ Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth

Katie McCory and the Dagger of Truth
By: C. L. Collar

“Doomsday Fairy,” Katie grinned, “actually, that would be a great nickname for a nix.” Her emerald eyes narrowed. “They’re very devious creatures who lure men to their death with their illusion of beauty. They persuade men to follow them deep into the forest to a pool of beautiful blue water. 

Once there the poor beauty accidentally slips into the water. The devastated man leans over the water desperately seeking his lost love. She calls to him and he leans closer and closer. Suddenly a green, scaly hand springs out of the water and grabs him around the neck, pulling him down, down, down into a watery grave. 
Under the water she kisses him.” Katie pushed pursed lips at her brother. “with fat fishy lips, sucking his life source right out of his body. The next day they find the man’s body lying next to the pool all bloated, green, and smelly, like he’s been in the water for years.” 
“Now you’re talking!” said Billy. “You can go to the masquerade ball as your nix all green, fish lipped and scaly, and I’ll be your bloated victim zombie.” Billy puffed out his stomach and filled his cheeks with air. He walked stiff-legged around Katie with his arms straight out to the sides.   
Deflating himself he said, “No, that won’t work, because then we’d have to try to explain what we are to everyone.”
“But that would be great, Billy!” exclaimed Katie. “Then I could tell them what to do to protect themselves if they met a nix!” 
“Yeah, like that’s information everyone needs to know.” Billy rolled his eyes. “No thanks, Katie. I think I’ll just stick to the good, old-fashioned, scary monsters.”
Available August 6, 2013

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