Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Winter Song by Jennifer McMurrain

Winter Song
by Jennifer McMurrain

Cooper and Sage, inseparable since high school, hope to fulfill their dream of running Winter Song, a bed and breakfast in the Wyoming mountains.  But one cold night, Sage is brought to her knees by the news of Cooper’s death.  Little does she know Cooper's spirit hasn’t gone anywhere.  He is determined to stay with Sage, so she’s never alone again.

Noah Finnley a carpenter down on his luck, can’t find work and now he’s being evicted. Things start looking up when the beautiful Sage offers him a partnership at Winter Song. Just one problem, she has a ghost attached to her... and Noah can see dead people.  He knows taking the job at Winter Song is a bad idea, but with his landlord threatening to confiscate his belongings and throw him out on the street; he feels he has no other choice - ghost or no ghost.

When Sage's life is put in danger,  Noah and Cooper must find a way to settle their differences, or Sage might end up among the dead herself. 

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