Friday, January 30, 2015

The Divine Heart by Jennifer McMurrain

A Novella

Alexis Dragonheart is finally opening her dream shop in the cozy little town of Stonehollow. Her dream becomes a bit of a nightmare when her neighbor, Mabel Keyes, decides Alexis's shop of all things occult is nothing but witchcraft and voodoo. Mabel isn't too far off, since Alexis is a witch.

Alexis tries not to worry about Mabel, knowing narrow-minded people will always exist. She has bigger problems when her mortal soul mate, Sebastian Bishop, shows up on her doorstep. They have had many affairs together during his many lives and they have always ended badly. She vows she will not go down that road again.

When a warlock, Giles Dalton, comes knocking on her door demanding the gift of everlasting life Alexis is rumored to possess. Alexis ends up turning to familiar arms of Sebastian for comfort.

Giles won’t be deterred and Alexis must find a way to save not only Sebastian’s heart, but her very life. 

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