Sunday, November 17, 2019

COVER REVEAL ~ C. L. Collar's Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond

The McCory Chronicles:
Katie McCory and Destiny's Diamond
November 26, 2019

Cover Design by Brandy Walker at Sister Sparrow Graphic Designs

Katie McCory has always believed in magic. Upon learning that Fey was real, she also found herself, her twin brother, Billy, and their friends, Donnie and Ariel, in grave danger. Although Grams has tried hard to prepare them for whatever lies ahead, they are left to their own devices when Grams succumbs to a deadly nightflower curse.

Katie and Billy find themselves on separate adventures with the same goal of saving Grams, and defeating an evil being, who has stolen Destiny’s Diamond in order to change all their fates and crown themselves the Ruler of Fey.

Will Katie, Billy, and their friends navigate through the magical world of fairies and save Fey, or will their fates be forever changed?

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